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Apr 11, 2021

Michael O’Loughlin and his family farm a total of 200 acres in Yamhill County. The O'Loughlin Farms and garden is a private research station tracking onsite precipitation, testing slug biocontrol, and studying beetle predation and Northwestern garter and ringneck populations. Michael has been a Master Gardener since 2014 and Oregon Bee Atlas since 2018. Since then, he has mentored new Master Gardener students, participated on the Yamhill County Master Gardener insect committee, taught classes in entomology and garden pollinators, served as a local expert for garden beetle or herpetology questions, and contributed articles to the Master Gardener newsletter. He is also on the Advisory Committee of the Oregon Bee Atlas and leads up the mighty Yamhill County Atlas team. He has also designed, consulted on, and/or built nine school gardens across the state, including a pollinator garden at Mary Wood Elementary School in Tigard. In the six years that O’Loughlin has been a Master Gardener, he has accomplished a tremendous amount of work that benefits gardeners across the state. Although many people may be familiar with his work, many do not know that O’Loughlin is the force behind them, and in 2020 he was awarded the statewide Statewide Behind the Scenes Award for the Master Gardeners.